About Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy combines science and art. It is based on a series of theories and techniques, that provide tools to help the therapist to have a better understanding of the mental processes that a person goes through. 

There are many different orientations in the way of practicing  psychotherapy, but the common ground for all talking therapies is the framework: theoretical construct, privacy, confidentiality, neutrality, regular space and time, and fee. These elements provide the fundamental safety for the person to be able to freely explore his or her own mind. As part of their professional registration to ensure best professional practice, psychotherapists attend regular supervision and abide by the Code of Ethics of the Psychotherapists Board of Aotearoa New Zealand. Members of the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapist also abide to their Code of Ethics.

Psychotherapy is about change. That change comes from finding new understandings of yourself and others and learning how to cope with the sorts of things that most people are confronted with at one point or another: relationship dissatisfaction, loss, anger, uncertainty over the future, transitioning from one situation to another, etc. Even though most people go through these experiences, we may not be well equipped to integrate them. Therapy can help you navigate life changes more smoothly and set yourself up for success on the other side of it.

About Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is an area of specialisation which focuses on the psychological and physical causes of sexual issues. As a psychotherapist and sex therapist, I am trained to help you explore the psychological issues that are impeding you from a satisfying sexual life. Some of the most common issues that people present for sex therapy are: sex addiction, porn addiction, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, vaginal pain (dyspareunia), vaginismus, sex after children, menopause, lack of desire, anxiety around sex, etc. In some cases, I will refer you to a doctor and/or a specialised physiotherapist, in order to cover the physical aspects of your sexual dysfunction.